Prime Minister greets Poland’s new Head of Government Donald Tusk


2023 12 12


On behalf of the Government, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has extended greetings to newly appointed Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk. Prime Minister Šimonytė has conveyed her best wishes for Prime Minister Tusk’s success in advancing Poland’s national goals, promoting the security and prosperity of the country, and strengthening the common European home.

‘Today, we can rightfully celebrate the close ties between Lithuania and Poland, which go beyond mere proximity. Our shared historical experience has woven strong bonds among our peoples, and we are further united by common values and a commitment to the ideals of freedom and democracy. History has repeatedly shown that the freedom of our nations is interconnected. Thus, I am convinced that common goals and exceptionally significant challenges of today will further bring our nations together, and we will firmly support each other in the European Union, NATO, and other international formats’, reads the message of greetings by Prime Minister Šimonytė.

Lithuania and Poland have enjoyed a close bilateral collaboration across various sectors, driven by a mutual interest in regional security and strong ties.

‘I trust we will work together to successfully complete our pivotal projects such as the synchronization of the Baltic States' electricity grids with continental European networks and the Rail Baltica, and we will take our cooperation further on all matters of shared concern’, noted the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Šimonytė also noted the critical importance of supporting Ukraine.

‘I have no doubt that our unity will persist, and we will consistently and firmly support Ukraine. In the face of the shocking and brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine, it is more important than ever for our nations, as well as all EU and NATO states, to unite in supporting Ukraine’s heroic efforts to defend not only its independence and territorial integrity but also the security of Europe and the values of the entire democratic world. Our unwavering position on bolstering sanctions against Russia and Belarus is pivotal in showing that Europe will not succumb to aggressor’s blackmailing and will stand up for its values’, said Ingrida Šimonytė.